Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So, I am very excited on several different accounts.  First and foremost, I am a college student again after 23 years.  I am going for a Theology degree....three year.  Looking forward to learning more about my Lord and Savior.

Secondly, I am on vacation for 9 days!  Yeehaw!!!  I am soooo glad to be away from work!  I cannot tell you!  Yes, I am thankful that I have a job such as it is.  God has blessed through it and I am learning patience....never prayed for it, but am still learning it.

Thirdly, Bill and I are running away from home for four days! We have never had a honeymoon or any time away from the children.  Now is the time....23 and 1/2 years after getting married!!  Woohoo!!!

Anyways, I feel so blessed with our church.  What an amazing group of people the Lord has given us.  Our pastor and wife are the most amazing Christian couple I have ever met.  They live what they preach.  They are simple, humble and Godly.  They accept you for who you are.  Truly God has led us to this church to serve Him wholly and completely! Bill is happily ensconced in the music program as music director. He is also taking the Theology course I am.....he was actually the first one to sign up.  Anyways, it is truly a pleasure to be at church when work allows.

I do have a prayer request.  I need a better paying job and that will supply some sort of retirement.  I am not getting any younger.

Thanks to all who read!  I love you and pray for all my friends!!

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